SEI 2017 Day 28 Update

Day Four of East Coast Travel Week

To celebrate our final day in New York City, students chose between three diverse NYC adventures. Many students visited the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street, others went to Central Park and looked at famous high-end stores on 5th Avenue, and a small group toured The American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University. Students soaked up these last few moments with the SEI staff members and their new friends.


Statue of Liberty & Wall Street

The most iconic statue in the Western Hemisphere – The Statue of Liberty – stands 93 meters tall and weighs a surprising 204,116 kg. The statue was given to America by the French in 1786 to commemorate 100 years of freedom. Approximately 4.5 million tourists take a ferry to the island to visit the magnificent statue every year. SEI students enjoyed taking pictures with the statue and learning about key points in American history involving the 3rd largest statue in the world. After taking a ferry back to the mainland, the group grabbed a quick lunch and then visited the famous Wall Street – home of the New York stock exchange, and historic Trinity Church.


Central Park & 5th Avenue Shopping 

One of the most filmed locations in the world, Central Park, is visited by more than 40 million tourists each year. Central Park is a national U.S. landmark. In fact, just a few months ago the park became an UNESCO World Heritage site. Students and staff enjoyed strolling through the 843-acre park in the beautiful New York City summer weather. After touring the park, students were taken to 5th Avenue, where they shopped at famous high-end American stores such as Apple, Niketown, and Saks 5th Avenue.

The American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University Visit

Located across the street from Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History comprises 28 interconnected buildings housing more than 45 exhibits, in addition to a planetarium and a library. The museum collections contain a variety of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, and human artifacts. SEI staff and students enjoyed visiting one of the largest museums in the world – some of the students even recognized areas of the museum that were featured in the famous movie, Night at the Museum. After spending most of the day at the museum, students enjoyed a visit to Columbia University – one of the most prestigious universities in America. Founded in 1754, Columbia University is the 9th oldest university in the United States. Famous Americans such as President Barack Obama, Businessman David Rockefeller, and the first female pilot Amelia Earhart all attended Columbia University. Similar to Harvard, the university touts a 5.8% acceptance rate and is considered one of the best universities in America. The staff at SEI believe it is important to introduce students to college campuses at a young age, as it often helps students to develop goals for their future.


Saying Goodbye

After a fantastic final day in NYC, staff and students enjoyed dinner together followed by an ice cream party at a local dessert shop. Afterwards, the group met to discuss flight plans for tomorrow, say goodbye to staff members and their friends, and reflect on their past week exploring the East Coast.

SEI Staff Highlight: RTA, Mr. Sam Wilson

Mr. Wilson hails from Wheaton, Illinois, and will be a senior illustration and graphic design major at Wheaton College. Mr. Wilson serves as an RTA for the Red Middle School boys and is excited to be working at SEI for the second time this summer. Mr. Wilson has one younger brother who will be starting college in Washington State this year. His parents live in Fort Meyers, Florida and he visits them when he has the chance. His interests include drawing, going to concerts, traveling, playing lacrosse for Wheaton, and hanging with family and friends.

Fun Fact: He hopes to be a freelance commercial illustrator for people all over the world once he graduates.

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