About WAnet

WAnet (pronounced “wah-net”) is a non-profit educational organization in the United States dedicated to preparing and placing international students in excellent American private middle and high schools. WAnet Schools are located around the United States and each have strong academic programs and high standards. WAnet Schools share an admissions path and preparation program for international students who desire to study in the U.S. 

WAnet works with families and representatives to ensure the best possible fit for each student within Member Schools. Every WAnet student receives world-class preparation by attending the Summer English Institute prior to beginning classes at their WAnet School.

Students who attend WAnet schools receive an advantage when applying and transitioning to American universities because of the reputation of WAnet schools as well as the rigorous academics and preparation students receive at WAnet schools.


WAnet Placement:  Students who choose to apply for admission and are accepted into WAnet, in addition to attending our Summer English Institute, are placed in one of the WAnet member schools throughout the U.S.  WAnet works with individual families and their representatives to ensure the best possible fit within member schools and their unique qualities.

WAnet Support Programs: WAnet offers several support programs for international students looking to improve their English and prepare for the American educational system. The Summer English Institute is WAnet’s unique and valuable preparation program for international students.

Read more in the WAnet Brochure.