21st Century Skills

Success in Life: 6 C’s plus Leadership

Successful people know where they are going and create a plan to get there.  In other words, they begin with the end in mind.  Accordingly, research has identified a number of strategic aptitudes as keys for success in the 21st century.  The leaders of our new global world, in addition to strong character (knowing and doing what is right) and mastery of their field of study, will need to be proficient in the 6 C’s plus leadership:

  • Communication skills: Speaking, writing, reading and listening effectively in multiple languages
  • Critical thinking: Evaluating alternative solutions / effective problem solving
  • Creativity / Innovation: Generating original ideas and vision
  • Collaboration: Working effectively with others  within a team
  • Cultural awareness & adaptability: Adapting to new environments and people
  • Computer literacy: Using technology to reach goals
  • Leadership: Influencing other people

“Innovation and creativity of new ideas….is the key to success for Chinese and American youth. Innovation is simply creative problem solving.” 

Joel Podolny, VP of Apple / PhD Harvard