American University

Since attending an outstanding university is often a key step to success, knowing what American universities expect from applicants is very important.  WAnet students during their recent Summer English Institute visit to Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other elite American universities heard the admission offices cite the following advice for acceptance decisions.

  • GPA: Take as many challenging courses, including AP’s, at a strong high school with a proven reputation and record for academic excellence to build an impressive academic record.
  • College Entrance Exams:  Prepare thoroughly and do your best on the appropriate tests (ACT, SAT or TOEFL).  Extra specialized preparation is beneficial but not to the exclusion of core classes or a balanced high school experience.
  • College Application:  Demonstrate your writing ability with a meaningful essay and include strong references from reputable teachers and adults who know you personally.  Make sure you communicate with passion why your university of choice is a good fit for you and what you will contribute to community life.
  • Activities / Experiences:  Demonstrate through a variety of meaningful activities that you have challenged yourself to stretch and grow.  Articulate and illustrate how your range of activities and real life experiences have given you important competencies in the 6 C’s and Leadership.