The environment outside of school (evening and weekends) often significantly impacts the reaching of goals. When compared to dorm life, note the distinct advantages that HomeStay boarding offers to accelerate English proficiency and cultural acclimation as well as provide overall better care for international students.

Host Parents:  The selection of host parents, from the school community, many of whom have their own children in the school, is done with great care and thoroughness.  An extensive application, interview, background check, training, and ongoing supervision are all part of the process to ensure a successful experience.  Communication is encouraged between the home, host home, school, and international student both regarding academic progress and all aspects of life in America.  WAnet schools are very sensitive to individual needs of the students and parents concerns when making placements.  Most importantly, the home parent can have confidence that WAnet schools take great care to find the very best HomeStay situation.

What Students Say About Living with Host Families