Christian Life School


School Overview

Christian Life School is dynamically located near the shores of Lake Michigan midway between the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee on a spacious 45-acre campus in a growing community. The  high school is student-centered, with a focus on strong academics, AP course offerings, and honors classes. Students are well-prepared for attending prestigious universities such as Northwestern, Loyola, and Notre Dame. KCLS teachers are committed to the well-being and development of each individual student, and ELL support is offered at various levels for those still fine-tuning their English language skills. In addition to the many co-curricular offerings at KCLS, their exceptional Fine Arts programs have garnered consistent national attention, receiving numerous awards in their national competitions.


基督教生命学校为能让学生成功进入大学并影响世界而提供了充满挑战的学术环境。45英亩的校园坐落在芝加哥市和密尔沃基市之间的一个白领家庭居多的地区。学校以学生为中心,专注于教学实力、AP课程和快班课程(Honor Classes)。许多毕业生已在西北大学、芝加哥洛约拉大学、普渡大学和圣母大学等富于名望的大学里就读。学校老师特别关注学生的健康,以及在学术、社交和信仰方面的综合发展。学校还提供不同水平等级的英语学习者(ELL)辅导,好使学生在学习和生活方面胜任。学校除了提供丰富的课外活动和运动项目,该校的艺术类学生常常在国内脱颖而出,并连续获得国家级的各种奖项。

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