The Master’s Academy (FL)


School Overview

The Master’s Academy provides an academically rigorous educational experience that prepares students for successful entrance into university and life. 91% of all Master’s Academy graduates attend a college or university of their first choice. The school offers the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits while still enrolled in high school through their extensive AP course offerings as well as dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges. An innovative J-Term allows for non-traditional course offerings as well as trips and internship opportunities. Additionally, a wide range of co-curricular activities are provided throughout the year for students to grow and develop, all under the experienced, caring teachers in the year round warmth and adventure of the Orlando metropolitan area.


马斯特学院所提供的扎实、严谨的教育将预备学生在今后成功考进大学并迈入人生。91%的毕业生都被自己的第一志愿大学所录取。学生们通过学习多种的AP课程和当地大学所提供的双入学录取(Dual Enrollment)机会,在高中期间就可获得最多30个大学的学分。学校在一月份短学期(J-Term)中提供非传统的课程、旅行和实习的机会。此外,学校全年提供丰富多彩的课外活动,让学生们在这些过程中得到经验丰富、充满爱心的老师的指导,从而得到锻炼和成长。学生们还可全年尽享奥兰多地区的温暖气候和精彩生活。

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The Masters Academy