SEI 2016 Day 20 Update


Learning Teamwork Through Projects

Teamwork: simply stated, is less “me” and more “we”. It is very important that students walk away from SEI with a better understanding of how to effectively collaborate and work with a team. Not only are teamwork skills important in the classroom, but they are also vital to every student’s’ future career, as most companies focus on team based assignments – rather than individual projects. SEI is incorporating teamwork and collaboration into the classroom in a variety of ways.

In Operation Math class students worked in groups to write their own mysteries with math clues. Tomorrow, the teams will present the mysteries for their classmates to solve. Mr. Miller’s High School AP English class has been working in teams to create an SEI promotional video. This project has forced SEI students to collaborate together to achieve an end goal. Before the project began, students worked together to decide team roles – as this is the best way to form an effective team. In Debate class, students were placed on teams during week two of SEI. Since then, they have been strategizing together, researching together and writing together. The teams will begin their debate rounds tomorrow morning. Many other classes at SEI use teamwork and collaboration on a daily basis – it is the hope of every teacher that students will leave SEI with a newfound love for team based projects.

Teamwork is a priority at SEI, because without the 79 staff members working together and collaborating the program could not exist.

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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About SEI

  1. RTA Meetings

RTAs meet every evening to discuss how they can better serve the SEI students. This time is used to surface issues, encourage each other and converse about student needs. It is important to get each staff member on the same page, as it ultimately benefits the students.


  1. Staff Training

Staff spent a combined total of over 1,000 hours in training preparing for SEI. Additionally, many teachers began preparing lesson plans for courses more than 6 months prior to SEI.

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  1. Activities offered

This year at SEI, more than 75 different activities have been offered for students outside the classroom. After a long day of classes, it is important for students to have a chance to recharge and enjoy a variety of American activities.

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  1. Clean Room Competitions

Students have spent approximately 500 hours cleaning their rooms to prepare for clean room competitions that take place each week. It is always a highlight for SEI students and staff to look at pictures of the cleanest rooms each week during Community Time.


  1. Walmart Trips

With over 200 SEI students and staff members living on campus, there are constant needs for supplies. So far, the SEI staff have taken a combined total of over 60 Walmart trips to purchase various types of supplies.


Question of the day: How many people are there in your family?

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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: RTA, Brittney Valleskey

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Brittany Valleskey, a member of the blue team, hails from Northwest Chicago and is one of four children. She attended a WAnet high school for four years and is now pursuing a nursing degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee with friends, travel, bake, and do ceramics. She is passionate about international health and bringing medical care to those who don’t have it readily available. Fun fact: she has been to seven countries so far and is looking forward to traveling more in the future.

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