SEI 2016 Day 21 Update


Winding Down and Gearing Up

As SEI classes are coming to a close, students are getting excited for “Travel Week: the best week of your life”. Many teachers are winding down the classroom by debriefing, giving students feedback, celebrating success and showing off their students’ hard work.

In Ms. Carpenter’s Song Writing class, the students are editing and perfecting their final songs, which they will perform for the class tomorrow. Ms. Borman’s English class participated in a scavenger hunt to practice new words they have learned during SEI. As a part of the scavenger hunt, the class RTA was captured by a mysterious bandit, forcing the students to rescue her by following clues around campus. The Cinema class has spent the last few weeks writing and filming short movies. Tomorrow, the students will watch their classmates final video projects. In Persuasive Speaking class, each student prepared a persuasive speech to present to the class. After the speech, the students received feedback from their classmates. The class teacher, Ms. Carpenter, was very impressed with the ability of her students to persuade the class, using the principles they have learned over the past three weeks.

It is exciting for the teachers to see how much each student has improved. Final projects and presentations are a great way to measure the growth that has taken place during SEI. Tomorrow, students will say goodbye to their teachers, but despite the SEI classes ending, the energy level is not decreasing. Students are already getting excited and gearing up for travel week, which starts on Saturday! First stop? Six Flags Magic Mountain and Fashion Island shopping center.

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Final Day of Clubs

One of the biggest highlights for SEI students is choosing a new club each week. Today, students participated in their very last day of clubs – as a way to celebrate, the American Summer club had a slip-n-slide set up in the front lawn for students to enjoy with their friends. We are so thankful for the 20+ club leaders who have worked hard to make sure that each student makes new friends, learns more English words and has FUN in their SEI club!

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Question of the day: What is a skill you would like to learn?

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David Thrasher is a proud member of the blue team and is excited to attend Wheaton College in the fall, where he will study business economics. He recently graduated from a Wanet school and believes he received one of the best possible high school educations. He has two older brothers who both studied business as well and is looking forward to learning a lot in college. In his free time, he likes to play sports, and do outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing. Fun Fact: He is training to become an officer in the army and hopes to someday be apart of the elite group of United States Army Rangers.

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