SEI 2016 Day 25 Update


Day Three of Travel Week

For the third day of travel week, students and staff visited the San Diego Zoo. On the way back, the group stopped at the Promenade Mall for a quick dinner and brief shopping opportunity. Students enjoyed the mix of both indoor and outdoor activities and are enjoying practicing their English in a public setting.

M13_1122 M13_1391 M13_1436 M13_1445 Photo Aug 01, 11 23 33 AM

San Diego Zoo

The famous San Diego Zoo houses more than 3,700 animals and is home to more than 650 different species and subspecies. The 100-acre zoo is the largest zoo in the United States and welcomes over five million guests each year. Both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed watching the animals play and visiting a variety of interactive exhibits. Students also received tickets to a guided bus tour around the zoo and the aerial skyline tram above the park. The zoo’s clearly marked exhibits taught SEI students about the history of each animal, shared valuable facts and brought awareness to every endangered species. One of the most exciting aspects of the zoo is the nationally recognized panda exhibit, the only one in the United States!


SEI student, Alex Zheng commented on his experience at the zoo, “The zoo was very fancy, the nicest one I have ever been too. I really like the elephants because they are huge, the biggest in the land. The guided bus tour was also very cool because I got to sit on the top of the bus and I could see everything. The tour guide also shared many interesting facts, I learned that some of the different species of animals like to live together. I thought that was cool!”

IMG_9015 IMG_9026 M13_1214 M13_1220 M13_1229 M13_1238 M13_1247 M13_1293 M13_1314 M13_1369 M13_1382 M13_1411 Photo Aug 01, 2 20 29 PM Photo Aug 01, 2 30 30 PM Photo Aug 01, 9 35 36 PM Photo Aug 01, 9 35 39 PM

Promenade Mall

On the way back from San Diego, the staff and students stopped at the Promenade Mall! The indoor/outdoor mall has over 150 different stores, giving students a chance to shop for both American and international brands. Many students purchased gifts for family members back home and enjoyed a nice dinner with their friends.

Photo Aug 01, 5 02 41 PM Photo Aug 01, 5 02 58 PM Photo Aug 01, 5 10 47 PM Photo Aug 01, 5 10 59 PM Photo Aug 01, 6 14 06 PM (1) Photo Aug 01, 6 14 16 PM Photo Aug 01, 6 14 42 PM Photo Aug 01, 6 21 07 PM Photo Aug 01, 6 27 22 PM

Question of the day: What was your favorite animal at the zoo?

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Caleb, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, a Junior Business/Economics major at Wheaton College in the Chicago area, and a proud member of the gold team is thrilled to be at SEI this year.  He is the youngest of 4 children, and helping his parents with their social work in the inner-city of St. Louis. In his free time he loves hiking, camping, playing music, tossing the football, and grilling/eating bacon cheeseburgers. He has plans to drive from Alaska to Argentina in 2017 to experience new cultures and learn more about our wonderful world. Fun fact: his mother was born in Uganda and his father in America so he occasionally refers to himself as “African-American.”

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