SEI 2016 Day 29 Update


Saying Goodbye

Staggered throughout the day, SEI students headed to the airport to depart from San Francisco. Many said their last goodbyes to their new friends, with the hopes of meeting up again someday. Reflecting on the last four weeks, we are so thankful for the opportunity to meet each student and watch them grow in both their character and confidence. To all of the parents and supporters of SEI 2016 students, we want to extend our deepest thanks for trusting us with your students over the last month. We are very impressed with the work ethic of each student; their desire to learn English, despite the difficulty, is commendable. We will cherish the many memories made over the past few weeks and are looking forward to staying connected with each SEI student.

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Looking Forward

WAnet offers many programs to help students reconnect with their SEI friends. We hope you will check out the variety of Connect Trips coming up in the future. If your student wants to practice their English and experience more of SEI, we also offer a winter camp, held in California, and sign ups are just around the corner! Although SEI 2016 just ended, the staff is already looking forward to SEI 2017, which will be held from July 7-August 4 of 2017. If you know of any students that would like to attend SEI in 2017 please stay connected with us and keep your eyes open for applications, beginning in October. Additionally, if your student is interested in studying at a WAnet school in America, we would love to give you more information and help connect your student with a school that fits their needs. Although this is the last SEI daily update, we are looking forward to staying connected with you throughout the year.

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