SEI 2017 Day 4 Update

The Learning Has Begun!

Today, students experienced their first day of classes at SEI. In each academic day, there are five class periods – the students participate in both elective courses and core English classes. SEI offers a wide variety of classes including English, Math, Science, Test Preparation, History, Robotics, Life Skills, Communication, Drama, Creative Writing, Dance, and many more. At SEI, students are enhancing their understanding of the English language, while learning how to adapt to a new culture, both of which are critical to improving their English.


Trying New Things

This afternoon, students participated in their first day of clubs. Whether a student enjoys being inside or outside, SEI offers a club for everyone. Each week students choose a new club, this gives them a chance to expand their interest and try new things. Clubs include Arts & Crafts Club, Basketball Club, Harry Potter Club, Comedy Club, Soccer Club, Drawing Club, American Board Games Club, and many others.

Classroom Excellence

At SEI, we like to think we have the most engaging teachers for international students. Coming from 12 different states, our teachers bring unique perspectives to SEI. Most of our teachers have taught in various states across America, and many of our teachers have spent time teaching overseas, or in international schools. Much collaboration and sharing of ideas took place among the teachers as they prepared their SEI classes. Learning from others is the best way to grow as an individual. This is especially true for teachers, as collaborating together ensures that the SEI 2017 students have the best possible classroom experience. Check out some of the creative things our students did in the classroom today.

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STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Teacher, Allie Wood

Allie Wood is thrilled to be teaching intermediate high school English at SEI! She recently moved from Michigan to Wisconsin, where she teaches high school English. In her free time, you can usually find her wandering the aisles of a book store, hiking a new trail, or eating chips and salsa with her friends. So far, her favorite thing about SEI has been getting to know her students–and how much they have already made her laugh.
Fun Fact: Allie finished her undergraduate studies in England, and hopes to return there to get her Master’s degree!

Contact Information

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