SEI 2017 Day 1 Update

SEI Students have arrived

Although navigating airports can be complicated, our SEI airport team worked hard to ensure that all students felt safe and secure throughout their long journey. Today students traveled a combined total of over 800,000 miles before arriving at SEI. Upon arrival, our energetic teachers, RTA’s, and support staff welcomed 145 attendees, loaded over 200 bags and assisted students as they settled into their rooms at California Baptist University (CBU). Smiles spread across faces as students walked onto the beautiful CBU campus. The sunny mid-32 degrees Celsius, low humidity, weather also provided a very welcoming environment for the students.

Unsurprisingly, the students seemed to enjoy their first few meals at CBU – ranked #2 in university cafeteria food in California. Fresh sushi, a healthy salad bar and a variety of other food options are available for students daily. Trying new foods from all over the world is a fun aspect of SEI and one that many students look forward to!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long did it take you to get to SEI?

SEI Day 1: Question of the Day from WAnet on Vimeo.


Tomorrow the students will begin participating in orientation weekend. The purpose of orientation is to allow the students to adjust to the California time difference, food, and culture before entering the classroom on Monday. During orientation, students will participate in activities, attend seminars, and participate in campus tours. Our goal is to make sure every student feels prepared to succeed at SEI. We are looking forward to challenging students in their understanding of the English language, while also having fun, and growing in confidence and character!


Blue team RTA and drama teacher – Cody Cox – is energetic, encouraging, and creative. He studies communications and works as a Resident Assistant at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. He loves camping, the outdoors, music, and making others laugh. One of his favorite parts about SEI is teaching English through his Improv Comedy club. Fun Fact: Mr. Cox recently got engaged to his beautiful fiancé, Cassie!

Contact Information

Every day during SEI, you will receive a Daily Update informing you of what took place throughout the day at SEI – we will share photos, highlight stories and feature video clips.

We hope you look forward to hearing about what is going on daily at SEI!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or contact the SEI parent hotline at 951-240-1409 for immediate assistance.