SEI 2017 Day 10 Update

SEI Attends Western Church

SEI students had an opportunity to experience Western culture today by attending an American church with their teachers and RTAs. The students met new people from the community, practiced their English vocabulary while singing, and experienced all the elements of a typical American church service.


A Rejuvenating Afternoon

In Western culture, it is common for families to spend their Sunday afternoon’s resting and reflecting. Giving our students time to relax, catch up on laundry, and call friends and family members is important. SEI is very fast paced; to compensate, we give students ample free time on the weekend, which often results in a better/more focused day of Monday classes.

 Healthy Competition – Sunday Activities

Today, SEI staff members provided two optional activities for the students: a cookie decorating contest and an evening game of capture the flag. The cookie decorating contest gave the students some healthy competition and a delicious end result (eating their cookies). Capture the flag is a very popular American game involving many people and a large area of land. Teams face off against each other to try and capture all of their flags without getting tagged by a member of the opposing team. The first team to steal all of the other teams’ flags wins the game. SEI students enjoyed competing against their RTA’s and teachers in the competitions today.


 SEI Staff Highlight: RTA, Karl Cassel

Green team RTA, Karl Cassel, is compassionate and energetic. He has three younger siblings and resides in Chicago, IL. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, swimming, playing soccer, and camping. Mr. Cassel has traveled to 5 continents and loves other cultures.

Fun fact: Mr. Cassel has a dog that weighs more than him.

Contact Information

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