SEI 2017 Day 11 Update

History Comes Alive

Four sections of history classes are offered at SEI: The Eagle and the Dragon, Current Events, and two sections of American History. All four of these courses are taught by third year SEI teacher, Mr. Dennis Abeline. He desires for his students to generate an interest in American History and to continue researching and reading more about the social sciences after SEI. Mr. Abeline is known for bringing history to life in his classes. Today, students learned about American life under British rule, played a 50 states map game in the computer lab, and discussed relations between the United States and China in World War II. Mr. Abeline regularly uses simulations in his classes as a way to bring history to life. Last week, the students participated in a slave ship simulation where they experienced some of the conditions (tight quarters, splashing water, seasickness, etc.) the slaves may have undergone while they were coming to America on ships. The students also acted out a play on Christopher Columbus and will experience a simulation regarding taxation without representation later this week! While social studies are often times considered boring by most students, history classes at SEI tend to rise to the top of the favorites list.

Other teachers also incorporate history into their classes. In Mr. Krogh’s advanced English class, students are reading the classic book, Oliver Twist. Today, they are writing research papers on the historical themes of 1830 London, focusing on topics such as orphanages, workhouses, George Muller, etc. In Mr. Van Noord’s School Prep Track class, students individually researched historical topics from American history, such as the civil war or the great depression. At the end of this week, they will verbally present their topic to the class while using visual aids. Additionally, today in Ms. Carson’s dance class, students learned a historical American country dance in accordance to learning about the history and origin of more than 10 styles of dance.


This photo was taken by SEI student, Memusi Saibulu!

Learning from Each Other

Famous American icon, Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. At SEI, we believe in the power of collaboration. Many teachers make it a priority to split their students up into groups within their classrooms. This allows the students to make new friends, increases their ability to solve problems, and helps the students to learn from each other. By placing students in groups and implementing team based learning strategies in the classroom, we are preparing students to succeed in their future careers – as having strong teamwork skills is one of the most sought after characteristics in many organizations.


Wheaton College Visits SEI

Becky Wilson, working in international recruitment at Wheaton College, spoke tonight at Community Time about finding a college where you can thrive. Becky is a world traveler, having lived in Iran, Germany, England, Peru, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Chicago, Illinois. Becky believes that a good university should offer students an education with a global perspective, challenging academics, and the opportunity to make lifetime friendships. At Wheaton College students are given a well-rounded education and a memorable college experience. For SEI students looking ahead towards college, it is good for them to hear from a variety of schools in order to narrow down what is the most important to them.



Staff Highlight: Teacher, Mr. Abeline

3rd year SEI history teacher, Mr. Dennis Abline earned his master’s degree in History from Montclair University. Mr. Abline lives in North Carolina along with his wife Shelley and their three children. Although he was born in New Jersey, Mr. Abline hasn’t stayed in one place for very long. He has lived in Hong Kong, China and Cairo, Egypt in addition to traveling to 5 continents and 30 countries. Mr. Abline currently works at Burlington Christian Academy and enjoys reading, weight training, and traveling in his free time.

Fun fact: he loves to play harmless practical jokes.

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