SEI 2017 Day 13 Update

Experiencing the Arts

New York Times best selling author, Sir Ken Robinson once said, “Creativity is as important as literacy.” At SEI, we believe that a well-rounded education must include both core subjects (math, science, language, history) and the arts.

Ms. Carson teaches dance class at SEI and has really enjoyed watching her students grow in their desire to become better communicators through art. Additionally, she has found that using art is one of the best ways for students to improve their English, as it is much easier to memorize the words in a song or the names of specific dance moves rather than a single paragraph. Today, students learned about choreography and then created their own dances together in small groups. According to Ms. Carson, “The arts are a way for students to see the world from a vibrant new perspective, to give students a unique freedom to dream and create. They are able to take risks as they try new dance moves or play eccentric characters, while learning to not only have confidence while performing, but to have confidence in themselves every single day. There is an element of trust that must come along with the arts. Students must have a willingness to fail and the willingness to take risks. I believe that the students at SEI have truly risen to that challenge. Because of this, beautiful friendships have grown within the classrooms and so many conversations had about what we are able to do when we step out of ourselves and try something new.”


Creative Learning

At SEI, it is very important for students to grow in their ability to think creatively. This is why we offer a variety of classes focused on teaching students how to grow in their artistic expression. This year, we offer classes in subjects such as creative writing, drama, and dance. Additionally, many teachers use music, arts & crafts, and dance to help students understand complex subjects such as math, science, life skills, English and even history. By integrating art into the SEI curriculum, we offer students a holistic and well-rounded education.

In Ms. Wood’s English class students have a word wall. For every new word they learn, the students decorate a poster that includes the definition, usage, a sentence, and a picture. “I believe art can really help students apply and express their learning. Creating something new forces their brains to move beyond just reciting information. They make great connections on a deeper level”, Ms. Wood.

 Music Building Tour

As a way to encourage our students to chase after their dreams, three musically inclined SEI students received a private tour of the California Baptist University Collinsworth School of Music by Technical Director, Matthew McConnell. This state-of-the-art music facility is unique in many ways. The 33,000 square foot building houses 51 Yamaha grand pianos, numerous choral rehearsal rooms, 25 soundproof practice rooms, two recording studios, and a unique piano duet practice room. Before the tour began, the students were introduced to a Chinese speaking international student representative.  At the beginning of the tour, she asked the students how much translation they would need throughout the tour. One of the students said, “we just want translation if we get stuck”. We are happy to report that the translator didn’t need to translate anything, and the students asked informed and insightful questions at the end of the tour.

Capturing Artistic Expression in Clubs

Clubs are a great way for students to learn more about creativity. This year, students had a wide variety of art-focused clubs to choose from: hand crafts, drawing, improvisation, and exercise dance. We encourage our students to sign up for clubs that introduce them to new skills and hobbies. It has been fun to watch our students grow in their appreciation for the arts as they participate in clubs.

Global Update: How is the food at SEI?

SEI Staff Highlight: Assistant Director of Communications and Teacher, Ms. Elana Carson

Returning SEI staff member, Ms. Carson, recently graduated with her MBA in International Business from John Brown University (Arkansas, USA) and serves as the Assistant Director of Communications at SEI, in addition to teaching dance class. Ms. Carson really enjoys working at SEI with her brother – Mr. Carson – who also serves as her RTA in dance class. In her free time, she loves to travel, try new foods, exercise, and teach dance. Although she has been teaching dance for seven years, she has still enjoyed watching her SEI students grow in their love for and appreciation of the arts.

Fun fact: she recently traveled to nine countries over the course of nine months.

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