SEI 2017 Day 14 Update

Taking the Classroom Outside

At SEI, teachers work hard to keep their classrooms active and engaging. Many teachers even take their students outside for activities, games and class lectures. It is good for the students to get fresh air and to study in a new environment. Today, Ms. Bennett’s class did an outdoor shopping scavenger hunt around campus where they had to look for and collect different items and organize them into categories. They were given a list of clues and had to figure out where to find certain items that you may find at the mall. After they found the items, they were asked to match the items to the stores they belonged to. This activity challenged the students in their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. It also gave them a chance to get outside of the classroom and test their knowledge of the CBU campus.

In Ms. Kate Flenniken’s class, students practiced speaking and following directions through an outdoor activity. Students blindfolded their classmates and led them around campus, while giving them verbal directions. This activity not only reinforced the students’ English vocabulary, but it also allowed the students to practice listening and trusting their classmates.

American Traditions

While some holiday’s and traditions are popular around the world, others are more unique to American culture. During SEI, many teachers have taught the students about American holiday’s. Today, in Ms. Wood’s class students experienced “Christmas in July”. This involved activities such as making paper snowflakes, decorating cookies, and sharing about family Christmas traditions. Students enjoyed learning about the differences and similarities between holiday’s in their home country and holiday’s in America. Other teachers have taught their students about the deep meanings behind holidays such as Thanksgiving (a day of gratitude) and Valentine’s day (a day of love).

Learning Life Skills

Students officially completed their ninth day of classes, with only three more to go. With each passing day, students are improving their understanding of the English language, growing in their knowledge of American culture and building lasting relationships with friends and teachers. One of the ways that students are growing at SEI is in their ability to understand and implement life skills. Life skills are vital for students to learn, especially those studying in a cross-cultural environment. At SEI, many students choose to take one of our seven life skills courses to help them learn practical tips for their every day lives. Topics of the class include, health and hydration, etiquette, critical thinking, social interaction skills, situational role playing and memorization. SEI students are enjoying learning practical tools in the classroom that will help them to have a successful future.

Academic Awards 

Another week of SEI completed, means another week of SEI achievement awards. One of the best ways to build confidence in a student is to publicly affirm their efforts in front of their piers. Our SEI teachers look forward to honoring their students on Thursday evenings for their accomplishments, hard work, and dedication at SEI. This week, we saw many students improve in unbelievable ways and were thrilled to honor them with awards.

Dallas Baptist University Presents at Community Time

Dallas Baptist University International Recruiters, Mr. Philip Homer and Mr. Jason Chung, visited SEI today. They visited multiple SEI classes in an effort to learn more about the intentional SEI curriculum. After visiting and observing classes, our guests gave an excellent presentation in Community Time. Additionally, many students engaged in conversations with Mr. Chung and Mr. Homer throughout the day and asked many questions about studying at American universities.

GLOBAL UPDATE: What have you learned in your life skills class?

SEI Staff Highlight: Teacher, Ms. Andrea Dunn

Ms. Dunn currently lives in Manassas, VA where she teaches elementary students with special needs. This is her fourth year at SEI – she was an RTA for two years and a teacher for two. Ms. Dunn teaches life skills class at SEI. Her goal is to help students to adjust to American culture and American classrooms. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, drinking coffee, playing games, and hanging with friends.

Fun fact: she has three older brothers.

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