SEI 2017 Day 15 Update

The Value of Classic American Novels

This year, each core English class is reading a novel throughout their time at SEI. The basic middle school class is reading Robin Hood, the basic high school class is reading Robinson Crusoe, the intermediate middle school class is reading The Railway Children, the high school intermediate class is reading Sherlock Holmes and the advanced class is reading Oliver Twist. By reading these books, students are given a peek into American literature, challenged in their reading abilities, and encouraged to improve their intellectual curiosity. SEI teachers report that reading the books together as a class has sparked wonderful conversations regarding topics such as perseverance, joy, and generosity.

SEI teachers continue to teach students about the principles represented in the book by playing creative games. For example, in Ms. Woods intermediate high school English class, students used a plot mountain diagram to summarize and organize the events that happened in Sherlock Holmes. Each student was asked to draw on event from the diagram. On Monday, the students will put the drawings together to make a comic strip version of the book. In Mr. Krogh’s advanced English class, the student’s played a classes American game, Twister, after finishing up their Oliver Twist book. 

Classes Celebrate Excellence

After a long two weeks of learning new vocabulary, and adjusting to the American classroom, many teachers integrated fun activities into their Friday lesson plans. This gave students a chance to relax and review the material they learned in the weeks prior. Mrs. Krogh split students up into groups of three and asked them to choose an “unusual item” to market to the rest of the class. This challenged their persuasive speaking skills, but also allowed the students to laugh and learn new words along the way. Other teachers threw American style birthday parties as a way to teach students how to celebrate, but also reward them for their hard work. We are proud of each student at SEI and the effort they have shown during their classes.

Karaoke Night

For three hours, SEI students, along with a few brave staff members performed numerous karaoke numbers on stage. Whether singing an English, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish song, many SEI students overcame their fears of performing in front of an audience and grew in their confidence. SEI 2017 karaoke night will remain a great memory for years to come.

Global Update: What have you learned in your English book you are reading?

SEI Staff Highlight: The Cruz Family

Gerard, Karena, Karen and Kaleb Cruz returned for their third year at SEI. Gerard teaches two elective courses: Robotics and Lights, Camera, Action! Karena resumes her role as Academic Assistant, providing support to Principal Renwick and the teachers. Karen serves as the Teaching Assistant for SPT and science classes. Kaleb volunteers as an assistant to Miss Johnson. The Cruzes recently moved from California and now live in West Chicago, Illinois. Gerard is an English teacher at Wheaton Academy. Karena tutors international students at Wheaton Academy and works as a substitute teacher at Wheaton Christian Grammar School and West Chicago elementary schools. Karen is entering her junior year at Wheaton Academy. Kaleb is entering his last year of middle school at Wheaton Christian Grammar School. They enjoy working together at SEI as a family.

Fun fact: Gerard moved to the United States after graduating from high school in the Philippines. Karena has a minor in music and played command performances in flute and piano. Karen is an avid musician, specializing in trombone for jazz and orchestra. Kaleb is a big fan of Doctor Who and enjoys performing card tricks.

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