SEI 2017 Day 17 Update

Sunday Fun: Pool and Waterpark Visit

As a way to beat the California heat, students and staff members traveled to The Cove Waterpark to enjoy an SEI pool party. Located just fifteen minutes outside the CBU campus, the pool is a great place to cool off while enjoying time with friends. The waterpark offers an olympic size swimming pool and diving board, a surfing simulator, three water slides, a splash pad, and a lazy river, all-American favorites! Taking students to the pool gives them a safe environment to play outside, cool off, and enjoy time with their friends. Additionally, many staff members spent time teaching swimming lessons to students who had never been taught or to those who wanted guidance on specific swimming techniques. The pool also has a snack bar; many SEI students purchased delicious American snacks to enjoy poolside. Students enjoyed spending the afternoon swimming with their friends, soaking up some vitamin D and relaxing at a classic American style pool party.

Fellowship & Friendship

Friendship is a powerful thing. It allows us to better understand who we are and how we can make this world a better place. At SEI, friendships began the first day students arrived on the CBU campus, however, those friendships have only gotten stronger. With each passing day, students grow more comfortable with their surroundings. As their comfort level increases so does their ability to dive deeper into friendships, and to grow closer to their peers and leaders.

One of the ways SEI encourages deep friendships is through the SEI 1 on 1 mentor program. This program provides students with a mentor to meet with two to three times each week. Together, the student and the mentor create a Personal Growth Plan, which helps the student create practical personal goals and accomplish them with the help of the mentor. Additionally, the students have group mentor outings each week. This means that all of their mentors and their students meet together for a special activity such as a group game, or a trip to get ice cream. This year, 18 students are participating in the program and are enjoying the specialized time they are receiving. The friendships being built through the program are so powerful that many teachers have commented on the change they have seen in the participating students. The mentor program graduation will take place during official graduation on Tuesday. We are excited to hear what the participating students have learned from their mentors.

Global Update: What creative classroom activities have you experienced at SEI?

Staff Highlight: Resident Life Advisor, Mr. “Wazi” Dover

Mr. Dover, known affectionately as Wazi at SEI will be moving to Laos in September with his wife Lee. Prior to SEI, the Dover’s lived in Seoul, South Korea for a year and a half providing support for their 3 grade school grandchildren. This is Wazi’s 2nd year at SEI and Lee’s first. Up until moving to Seoul Wazi and Lee lived in Houghton, NY where Wazi was the dorm student advisor and homestay coordinator at Houghton Academy. Over the 25 years in Houghton the Dover’s have hosted numerous home stay students representing a variety of countries. In his spare time Wazi enjoys riding his bike and playing as much golf as he can.

Fun Fact: Wazi has a twin sister.

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