SEI 2017 Day 19 Update

Congratulations Graduates

Tonight, all SEI graduates walked across the stage in Wallace Theater to accept their official SEI diploma. Both staff and students agree that SEI has grown and developed students in a very unique way. At SEI, the staff have spent three weeks building strong relationships with students and passing on valuable knowledge about American culture. Additionally, the skills gained in the classroom will benefit the students for the rest of their lives. Tonight we took ample time to celebrate the incredible effort displayed by each student at SEI this year. 140 students will be headed home over the next few weeks with improved language skills, many new friends, and incalculable memories.


Expressing Gratitude

The SEI teachers, and a handful of support staff will be headed home in the morning. Because the teachers will not be attending travel week, many students took the opportunity to say thank you to each teacher, and snap a photo or two before they officially said goodbye. Expressing gratitude is an important skill that many students learn at SEI. It’s exciting for the staff to watch the students take initiative to publicly thank and provide encouragement to their teachers. A wise person once said, “students may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. This statement sums up the SEI teaching staff well, as they have worked hard in the classroom to build relationships and encourage each student at SEI.

Developing Professionalism

Today in Ms. Chaves’ math classes, students worked to solve each other’s mysteries, gave presentations on famous mathematicians, and played math games – created by their classmates. Watching students comprehend their learnings and then teach their classmates is a priceless gift to a teacher. Many classes included a final presentation such as reading an essay, presenting a visual aid, or even giving a persuasive speech.

In Ms. Bennett’s Basic English class students completed a crest which highlighted six different areas of growth and learning at SEI. They were asked to write about these areas in complete sentences and to share their crest with others in front of the class. This morning, each student took a turn standing in front of their peers and presenting their crest. They spoke in complete sentences in English, reading what they wrote about and their peers were given the chance to ask them any questions. They learned not only how to grow in their ability to speak English but also how to speak clearly and loudly in front of the class. For some of them this was the first time doing so and, as a whole, they did really well.

In Ms. Wood’s intermediate English class, students chose a “mystery” that they have solved here at SEI. They created posters to serve as visual aids to explain what they have learned, and presented these to the class. Choosing a question/topic encourages students to think creatively and independently. Presenting their ideas to others is foundational for future career success! Some students even went above and beyond by interviewing other staff members (even Mr. Euler), honing their interpersonal skills.

Learning how to give a professional presentation is vital for the growth and development of SEI students. As many prepare to enter into American WAnet high schools, go back to high school in their home country, or attend a University, it is beneficial for students to be well-versed in oral and written communication. Many students were taught a variety of persuasive techniques, such as compare and contrast, cause and effect, and captivating an audience. Student speech topics included, individuality, diversity, child safety, confidence and healthy eating habits.

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