SEI 2017 Day 2 Update

SEI students are settling in!

SEI students and staff enjoyed another beautiful day in California. In the afternoon, Students attended their first community time, where they learned about obedience, respect and effort. During this time, the students were introduced to each SEI staff member, toured campus, and participated in group activities.

SEI Families

At SEI, students are placed into families – each family is assigned a color. Not only do families build cohesiveness at SEI, but they also serve to help each student feel comfortable and valued. Throughout the duration of SEI, students will continue to grow closer to their newfound family friends.

Community Time

In addition to recovering from jetlag by getting plenty of rest, students enjoyed meeting new friends and playing games with RTAs during free time. The energy was high at community time this evening as selected contestants from the SEI staff attempted to pronounce various words from our students’ primary languages, highlighting the diversity this year at SEI. This game gave our staff a sneak peak into the difficulties of speaking multiple languages, just like our SEI students. Activities such as soccer, Frisbee, chalk drawing, and an ice cream social were also offered to the students. Our staff and students are looking forward to starting classes on Monday and improving in character, confidence, and English.


SEI QUESTION OF THE DAY: How is the weather in California compared to the weather in your home country?


Caleb, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and recent Business/Economics graduate from Wheaton College, is a proud member of the BLUE team and is thrilled to be working at SEI again this year.  He is the youngest of 4 children, and loves helping his parents with their social work in the inner-city of St. Louis. In his free time he loves hiking, camping, playing music, tossing the football, and grilling/eating bacon cheeseburgers. After SEI, he will be driving from San Francisco to Argentina to experience new cultures and learn more about our wonderful world.

Fun fact: his mother was born in Uganda and his father in America so he occasionally refers to himself as “African-American.”


Contact Information

Every day during SEI, you will receive a Daily Update informing you of what took place throughout the day at SEI – we will share photos, highlight stories and feature video clips. We hope you look forward to hearing about what is going on daily at SEI!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or contact the SEI parent hotline at 951-240-1409 for immediate assistance.