SEI 2017 Day 22 Update

Day Three of Travel Week

For the third day of travel week, students and staff loaded up the busses and headed south to visit the San Diego Zoo (the best zoo in America). After the zoo, the group checked into their hotel in La Jolla, California and then headed to the Westfield University Town Center for dinner and shopping. Students enjoyed the mix of both indoor and outdoor activities and are enjoying practicing their English in a public setting.

San Diego Zoo

The famous San Diego Zoo houses more than 3,700 animals and is home to more than 650 different species and subspecies. The 100-acre zoo is the largest zoo in the United States and welcomes over five million guests each year. Both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed watching the animals play and visiting a variety of interactive exhibits. Students also received tickets to an optional guided bus tour around the zoo and the aerial skyline tram above the park. The zoo’s clearly marked exhibits taught SEI students about the history of each animal, shared valuable facts, and brought awareness to every endangered species. One of the most exciting aspects of the zoo is the nationally recognized panda exhibit, the only one in the United States! SEI student, Jenny Liu, commented on her experience at the zoo: “The zoo was great and amazing! There were so many kinds of cute animals. My favorite animal was the firebird with a very pink body.”


Westfield Mall

Upon leaving the San Diego Zoo, the staff and students stopped at the Westfield University Town Center near the University of California San Diego for some dinner and shopping! The indoor/outdoor mall has over 150 different stores, giving students a chance to shop for both American and international brands. Many students purchased gifts for family members back home and enjoyed a nice dinner with their friends.

SEI Staff Highlight: RTA, Ms. Yijia Liu

Blue team RTA, Ms. Liu is delighted to be able to work at SEI this year. She recently graduated from the University of Riverside, California with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and hopes to someday teach English in many countries outside the U.S. Ms. Liu loves serving others; she currently serves in Alta Loma Community as a worship leader, youth leader, and Sunday school teacher and is a volunteer in the library bookstore of her local community. She loves being around children, traveling to unique places, reading interesting books, and listening to music. Her favorite parts of SEI include getting to know the students and being able to see them grow.

Fun Fact: She was born in Xi’an, China but immigrated to the U.S. when she was 5 years old.

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