SEI 2017 Day 25 Update

East Coast Travel Week Day 1

After a late night of saying goodbyes to friends and sharing memories, 37 SEI students and 13 staff members arose early in the morning to catch their 5.5-hour flight to Boston, MA for the first day of the East Coast Travel Week. While travel days can be exhausting, students enjoyed a chance to sleep on their flight before their second travel week begins (and staff didn’t mind the rest either!). Upon landing in Boston, the staff and students shared a meal together and checked into their hotel before 7:00pm. Due to the time difference on the East Coast (3 hours ahead of the West Coast) it is important that students get readjusted to a healthy sleeping schedule before the traveling continues. The SEI students will be well-rested for our big college visits to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the morning.

Farewell Party Quotes from SEI Students

“Although SEI costs thousands of dollars, I don’t think you can put a price tag on the bravery and confidence I have gained at SEI.” – Jasmine Chen

“This has to be one of the best three weeks of my life because I met such amazing friends. It has been amazing to be apart of this family and to buy into the mission of SEI. I think my personality has changed, but in a good way.” – Brian Alexander Garcia Xep

“SEI has been an unforgettable three weeks. It was my honor to meet all of the staff and students.” – Jack Chen

“To be honest, if I didn’t go to SEI I wouldn’t be able to stand up here to speak. But because of SEI I can stand up here and do this. SEI has encouraged me to do something I can’t and to overcome challenges.” – Jerry Ye

“I think it is very hard to say goodbye today, but I remember someone who once told me that when one door closes another one opens. Now that the SEI door has closed, we can all walk into a new door – to enter new schools, or return to old ones with a different perspective.” – Memusi Saibulu

“My teachers were so amazing – very intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. Every moment at SEI will become sweet memories in my life. I will never forget you guys.” – Elina Zhang

“My RTA took care of me for three weeks and made me feel like I was at home. I also want to thank my amazing Exciting Science teacher, Ms. Johnson – she brought me both confidence and courage that I didn’t have before.” – Sarah Lin

“I’ve never been this far away from my family, but this time SEI felt like like a family – it truly is a home away from home.” – Zusakhe Yako

“SEI has taught me about different cultures and different kinds of people and has taught me to see the world in a different way.” – Serenity Higa 

SEI Staff Highlight: SEI Media Team, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wolfe

Returning for his third year as SEI photographer, Mr. Johnson loves the opportunity to combine his passions for photography, travel and working with international students. In his role as Director of Communications & Media he enjoys experiencing and recording every aspect of SEI.

Joining him on the Media Team for his first year at SEI is videographer Mr. Wolfe. Born in Missouri, and raised in Texas Rob now lives near Chicago with his wife and three sons. Outside of SEI, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and boys.

They collaborate to capture all the excitement and growth that SEI has to offer. In particular, they enjoy documenting the close friendships that develop between students, their RTA’s and teachers. They also make time each day to put down the cameras and enjoy getting to know the students.

Fun Fact: So far the media team has taken over 25,000 photos and recorded more than 600 minutes of excitement and learning at SEI 2017.

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