SEI 2017 Day 3 Update

Recharged and Ready for Class!

SEI students enjoyed a rejuvenating and relaxing morning. Many played outdoor sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball – others spent time with friends, called family members, or read a book. Research shows well rested students tend to perform better in the classroom. After free time, the students walked to their designated classrooms and met each of their teachers. It is important for students to understand where their classes are located, as changing classrooms is a new routine for many students. Our students and teachers are very excited to start classes tomorrow morning!

The Ripple Effect

 Learning English as a second language is a challenge for all students at SEI. But imagine if it was not just your second language, but your third? Several of our Guatemalan students face a unique challenge this year as they study English not as their second language, but as their third! Born in a rural village in Guatemala, they grew up speaking Kaqchikel, one of the 22 dialects of Quiche, the language of the K’iche people. However, today in Guatemala, Spanish is quickly becoming the universal language and it is taught in every school. Along with Spanish and Kaqchikel, these dedicated students have gone the extra mile and decided to learn English too!

The students did say that sometimes switching between three languages can be very confusing. But, they have a great perspective and attitude about the value of adding English as language number three. According to SEI student Tomasa, English is the key to success back home, opening the door to opportunities generations before them did not have. Florinda, another SEI student from Guatemala, shared that “We learn [English] to teach it. Whatever I learn here, I will teach as soon as I’m home. SEI is so valuable because, back home, we only write English, we never speak it!”

Having a diverse group of students, all facing different cultural barriers, is what makes SEI such a great learning experience. Every student at SEI influences those around them. It is good for students to learn from each other, and cheer on their classmates as they conquer challenges, both at SEI and at home.

Family Scavenger Hunt

This afternoon, the students spent time outside participating in a scavenger hunt that familiarized them with various parts of the CBU campus. Families were given clues to campus locations where they were to complete a group activity, such as learning how to do laundry, meeting the hosts at the help desk, and taking a family photo with palm trees. This activity allowed students to get plenty of exercise, while also teaching them how to work together with a team to complete a goal.  

SEI Question of the day: How many people are there in your family?

STAFF HIGHLIGHT: RTA, Brittany Valleskey

Brittany Valleskey, a member of the yellow team, hails from Chicago and is one of four children. She attended a WAnet high school for four years and is now pursuing a nursing degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee with friends, travel, bake, and do ceramics. She is passionate about international health and bringing medical care to those who don’t have it readily available. Fun fact: she has been to seven countries so far and is looking forward to traveling more in the future.

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