SEI 2017 Day 7 Update

Experiential Learning

SEI students awoke refreshed this morning, excited to attend their fourth day of classes. With each passing day, students are growing both in their friendships and knowledge. At SEI, students experience a new classroom environment as they participate in experiential learning. “The SEI students don’t just sit in the classroom, they actually use the information that is taught, and can easily apply it to their daily lives,” SEI principal. Today, in Ms. Wood’s English class, students made chocolate chip cookies as a way to practice listening to instructions. Each student was responsible for one step of the recipe, which was good practice for reading in English and collaborating together. A few teachers took their classrooms to a new location and others even had class outside. Students learn better when their scenery changes and when teachers lead activities that challenge their students to think innovatively.


Featured Poems from an SEI Student

A poem about 3 colors:

Blue let me feel active and peace

Pink make me feel more younger

Black let me become mature and knowledge

A poem about a rat:

A red rat live in a hat

But he afraid of a green cat

The cat catch the rat in a cup

The rat run out and back to hat

Poems by: Luo, Yunxi (Iris)


Academic Awards 

Every Thursday at SEI, teachers present chosen students with a variety of academic awards. These awards – all based off of famous philosophers, researchers, and celebrities – are given to students who stand out in the classroom. Awards such as “The Steve Jobs Technology Award”, “The Walt Disney Innovation Award” and “The Franklin Roosevelt Award for Outstanding Leadership” were all given to SEI students to honor them for their hard work. The staff and teachers are very proud of every student at SEI and are looking forward to honoring more students next week at the awards ceremony.

Hardin-Simmons University Visits SEI

During community time, students hear presentations from a variety of American colleges and universities. Tonight, students learned about Hardin-Simmons University from admissions representative, Kendra Duke. In 2016, US News and World Report ranked Hardin Simmons University in the top tier of Best Universities in the Western Region. Kendra Duke also visited our School Prep Track and Life Skills classes and presented to the students about the benefits of studying at Hardin-Simmons University.

SEI Question of the Day: What is your favorite classroom activity?

Featured Staff Members: The Krogh Family

Steve and Lois Krogh, teaching Advanced English and Intermediate English, have six children and three grandchildren. Steve teaches pastors around the world, most recently in India, Tanzania, and Malawi. In the next months he will be in Nicaragua, Mongolia and Serbia. Lois substitute teaches and tutors international students at Wheaton Academy.

Jake is earning his Masters degree in education at Wheaton College and plans to teach high school English. Susie is a junior at Wheaton College majoring in Philosophy/Global Justice and wants to be involved in international business and ministry. She recently traveled to Guatemala, Vietnam and Honduras.  Jake and Susie are glad to return to SEI as RTA’s again this year, along with their high school brother Luke, who serves as a volunteer.

The whole Krogh family loves the fast-paced educational philosophy of SEI and enjoys working with people from many cultures, helping them to learn and grow.

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