SEI 2017 Day 8 Update

Families Compete in the SEI Olympics!

To celebrate SEI spirit, SEI staff and students participated in their own version of the world famous event, the Olympic Games. Families actively participated in head-to-head Olympic style competitions ranging from dribbling a soccer ball, shot put, jump rope, three-legged race, one-hundred-meter dash and a Frisbee hula hoop toss. Students and staff enjoyed participating in such a fun, interactive evening. Regardless of whether or not students like sports, they thoroughly enjoyed cheering on their team members and feeling accepted and encouraged through the team building activities. Check out some of the cool Olympic events below.

Congratulations to the GREEN team for winning the SEI 2017 Olympics!


Preparing for the Future

Studying for exams and writing research papers doesn’t sound like the most exciting activity to most students. At SEI, we offer challenging courses in Test Preparation and Advanced English/School Preparation Track, but we make them fun and interesting. In Test Preparation, students work hard to learn tips and tricks on how to perform well on the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL exam. Today, students watched their hard work pay off as they took a practice exam and saw their test taking skills improve. In the School Preparation Track, students spent time researching in the computer lab as they prepared for a final project – a research paper! Ms. Miller, Mr. Van Noord, and Ms. Ytterberg are all working hard to make test preparation and research an enjoyable and memorable experience for our SEI students.


More SEI Photos

Question of the day: Tell me about your teachers at SEI!

SEI Staff Highlight: RTA, James Guebert

Red team RTA – James Guebert – is enthusiastic about working with international students. As an Economics student at Wheaton College, he is taking time this fall to travel through Central America and South America in order to further his knowledge of other cultures. His hobbies include sports, travel, reading, cooking, and music. He loves having good conversations (in English) with his SEI students.

Fun fact: James is the only male RTA who has never worked at SEI before!

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