SEI Frequently Asked Questions

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Is SEI required for all students?
What if we already have plans this summer?
Can I come late or leave early and pay less?
Can we accompany our child to SEI?
My student is enrolled in an intensive Summer English course in our home country, can they do this instead of SEI?
What if I decide to apply to a WAnet school during my time at SEI?
When is the latest I can apply to SEI?
What is the minimum age requirement for SEI students?
What is the minimum English proficiency requirement for SEI students?
I am bringing a friend, can we be roommates?
How can you ensure that my child will be safe?
Can you connect me to other students in my area so we can travel together?
I want to visit a friend or family member in the US before my arrival at SEI or after SEI is complete. Is this allowed?
Is SEI tuition included in the CIP for WAnet schools?
How do I get from SEI to my WAnet school? When? Who will pick me up?
What do I bring to SEI?
How will I communicate to my family while I'm at SEI?
How much money should I have with me? Cash? How do I get money while I'm at SEI?
Is my SEI payment refundable if I change my mind? Under what circumstances is it refundable?
What kind of visa do I need to attend SEI?